Commando Surinder Singh


NEW DELHI: Pre-empting the arrest of another MLA for a fake degree, Aam Aadmi Party on Tuesday afternoon declared that they will turn in Commando Surinder Singh, MLA from Delhi Cantt, on Tuesday evening. Senior party member Sanjay Singh said that he and the MLA would meet Delhi Police commissioner BS Bassi at 4.30pm where Singh would give himself up.

Party sources added that the continuous face off with the police was getting to be tiresome and while they would co-operate entirely with it, it was high time that the party took a stand in the matter.

Though a major ruckus was expected at Delhi Police headquarters, a mellow mood was seen when the MLA accompanied by Sanjay Singh set foot there. Delhi high court had on Monday given a last chance to the commando to file his response on a petition alleging that his graduation degree is faked.

Delhi Police chief BS Bassi was accompanied by special commissioner (law & order) Deepak Mishra to meet them. Sources said that Bassi explained to them that the MLA need not surrender as his detention was not required or directed by the law.

Speaking to reporters, Sanjay Singh said, “Delhi Police is acting on orders of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Despite rapists, murderers and dacoits roaming around fearlessly, Delhi Police is more intent on arresting AAP MLAs for fake degrees. If there is an FIR against any of our MLAs or party workers, action can be taken accordingly. We are not contesting any FIR and would like an end to this daily drama.”

Commando, who was in the NSG and lost his hearing during the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, said that the government had failed to take action against the perpetrators of the attack but wants to hang someone who fought against the terrorists because of a fake degree. “Nobody questioned my degree till I joined AAP. I lost my hearing during the 26/11 attacks and went from politician to politician for 19 months for my pension. Nobody bothered with me then,” he said.

With one minister already in judicial custody for a fake degree and another MLA for alleged fraud, the party is treading carefully in defending its MLAs and also asking the police to implement law uniformly. “Several poll contestants from BJP and Congress said in their affidavits that they had cases of heinous crimes registered against them. Ministers in Modi’s Cabinet have cases of rape, murder and fake degrees, but the police won’t act against them. There are cases against 70 Delhi Police personnel for rape and molestation between 2003 and 2013, but all of them continue to be in service,” Singh said.
AAP MLA reaches police HQ to surrender

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